During her professional life, JaLynn R. Prince has worked in management, politics, arts, public policy, media and international development, along with her passion for global photography. Most recently her professional skills have been directed toward the establishment and growth of Madison House Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by JaLynn and her husband Dr. Gregory Prince to address the issues of those with autism transitioning from youth to adulthood. JaLynn became aware of the pressing need for resources and public policy direction in this area since her youngest son Madison (who has autism) is now becoming a young adult himself.

JaLynn’s professional experience started early when in college she opened and co-owned the Pioneer Playhouse, a summer stock theater in the Rocky Mountains. Not only did she become intimately involved with the arts, management, and entrepreneurship, she saved a building slated for demolition that was added to the National Historical Registry on opening night. The Playhouse was a storied success, even though it posed competition for the Sundance Theater founded by Robert Redford just two years prior. The opening of the Playhouse, covered locally and nationally by the press, was the first experience of many in which JaLynn pulled together seemingly disparate people, ideas and resources for an ultimately very successful outcome.

After college JaLynn went on to LA where she worked as a management consultant for Hammond Associates, placing business executives into high-profile positions in finance. From there she moved to Washington DC, accepting the position of press secretary to a US Congressman at a time when very few women held such roles. That position led directly into a job as a radio announcer for an ABC affiliate where she worked on news, politics and the arts before expanding into producing and directing programs for radio and television. Her work in the media led to her appointment as the Public Relations Director for The Bicentennial Council of the Thirteen Original States. Her responsibilities included managing the media, staging large events throughout the east coast--including reenactments of historical revolutionary land and sea battles--and photographing those historical events.

At about the same time, JaLynn founded Times and Seasons, an arts management consulting firm, which concentrated on four areas: arts, broadcasting, politics, and public relations. Her consulting firm was an adjunct to her working towards—and mostly completing—a master’s in arts administration at the American University. Life being what it is, however, led her down a different path, and she began work instead on a master’s degree in Theology from Wesley Theological Seminary, which is still a work in progress.

Being the mother of three children (including a special needs son with autism) and the primary caregiver of her then-89-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s, JaLynn was dealing with a very complex family life. In 1999, she was recognized for mothering skills and her extraordinary accomplishments in being named Maryland Young Mother of the Year and then National Young Mother of the Year by the congressionally recognized American Mothers, Inc.

She spent her tenure as a motivational speaker addressing issues facing families with children with disabilities, addressing numerous American and European audiences. Her experiences traveling to various countries deepened her interest in broader issues facing families across the globe: children’s education and health, women’s empowerment and micro-industry, and restoration efforts after large-scale disasters such as the 2004 tsunami. These encounters led her to turn more and more frequently to her camera to document the peoples she met, their tragedies and how they worked to overcome them.

JaLynn is head of Madison House Foundation, which is becoming a prototype for communities across the country in how to create a positive environment for those living with autism. When she is not working with the Foundation, she is actively involved in global photography, and has been studying with National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry. JaLynn was also recently named a member of The Royal Society of Medicine.